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Business insight that you won't find in books, we share here ideas and tips gathered from our pratical experience with businesses

Velresco's specialist knowledge in the Pharmacy sector led to an interview with the Independent Community Pharmacist magazine

Click here for the online article, or click the image below for a PDF of the full article in the Independent Community Pharmacist magazine.

We're at Buy Yorkshire, 28th & 29th April

Why not come and see us on our stand. Find out more by clicking the logo below.

We're presenting at the Association for Student Residential Accomodation (ASRA) 2015 Conference, 19th - 21st April

If you are there please stop by and say hello, we will be on stand 31 displaying our performance improving software tools.
You can register for the event by clicking the logo below.

Our incredibly successful 2 minute micro-lecture series is coming to York, 17th Mar 2015

These cleverly designed sessions impart amazing amounts of distilled knowledge, but allow ample time to engage on the topics with real-world scenarios as part of a learning set with your peers.
This combined offer from Haines Watts Leeds Accountants and Velresco ran throughout 2014 and were such a success we have now extended the concept to York. To find out more and get involved Click the image below.

A voice for SMEs and Social Enterprises, 15th Nov 2013

We are running a monthly series of unique, tried and tested 2 Minute Micro-LecturesTM (press release here).
Offered for free by Haines Watts Leeds and Velresco throughout 2014 and primarily aimed at SMEs and Social Enterprises to 'have a voice' in terms of what these fundamental topics really mean for them; how to apply the concepts in real life, and finally how to find out more from our resident experts, including tools that can help.
Click the image below to register.

Leading people through change, 25th Sept 2013

In support of Leeds Business Week, Velresco have presented a seminar at the Festival of Business about leading people through change. To find out more or if you missed it and would like to share in the insights then get in touch

Translating your business vision into the right action, 25th Sept 2012

Velresco have presented at The Yorkshire Festival of Business run by the Yorkshire Mafia.
Thanks for all the positive feedback on our session, you can get a copy of the slide summary by clicking on the logo below.
A white paper of this content is available on the right.

Press Release 13th September 2012

Another article in the Yorkshire Post, this time focussed on the challenges facing leaders of growing organisations.

Press Release 8th May 2012

Velresco were interviewed by the Yorkshire Post because of the great work we have been doing with Medium sized regional businesses and Social Enterprises.

Research Paper

Insights into the factors inhibiting the achievement of exemplary patient care and safety in perioperative practice

Centre for Operational & Financial Performance Improvement Research

Top 10 tips to unlock growth in your business

There has been a lot of talk about growth in the economy, and also about small to medium sized businesses being the focus for future growth. So why is it so hard to achieve?
Based on our experience working with leaders of small and medium sized businesses we have developed this list of practical tips about how to adapt your leadership style to continue to drive growth in your business.
However adapting ones style is always hard to do, so these are our 10 Hardest things you will need to master to unlock growth in your business...

Translating business vision into the right action

Getting everyone in a business pulling in the same direction, and making sure that its the right direction, is not easy. This paper describes some frameworks to help show how this can be done, in order to keep control but also stimulate innovation from your team and allow them to flex their initiative.

Process segmentation for Organisations

Having worked with lots of businesses on process design, we find that it helps to point out that not all business processes are equal. We share here a model we have developed which has helped get team members aligned around exactly what is going on in a typical business, it has also been used to successfully unlock a team's understanding of each other's roles, to define parts of the operating model and better understand how to work more efficiently together.

IT Strategy in a Nutshell

In this paper we take a back-to-basics view of IT in order to cut through all the marketing jargon that is created and cover the fundamentals that all business managers should understand about IT in today's business environments.

Please note that all material presented is copyright Velresco, if you would like to utilise any of it then please contact us.

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